Partner Pro Tech Services Adds Electrical Service

Partner Pro Tech Services from Partner Communications Cooperative is proud to announce the addition of Electrical Services for Residential, Commercial and Agriculture customers to our list of products.

Partner Pro Tech Services is your complete electrical services provider from jobs small to large and household to industrial. Electrical services include:

  • New electrical construction and renovations
  • Kitchen and bath electrical installations
  • Electrical panel upgrades and replacements
  • Electrical amperage increases
  • Installation of electrical lighting fixtures and LED upgrades indoors and outdoors
  • Trenching and digging for electric services between out buildings
  • Bucket Trucks/ Digger Derek to work on overhead electrical wiring on the farm and other “higher up” projects

Contact Partner Pro Tech Services today with questions on electrical services. Please call us toll free at (877) 433-7701 for questions or email to request a free estimate.