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Partner offers affordable local service

Nobody knows phone service quite like Partner Communications! As a local phone company with over 61 years of experience, we’ve learned a few lessons from our customers over the years—about providing the best quality service with a personal touch, and helping customers get the services they need at an affordable price.

Residential ServiceMONTHLY RATE
Group 1 - Baxter, Gilman, KelloggLocal Calling Areas
Residential Line$29.00
Group 2 - Melbourne Rhodes, State Center Local Calling Areas
Residential Line$32.32
Business Services MONTHLY RATE
Federal, State & County Taxes, Regulatory Fees and Federal Universal Service Fee will be added to all services. Installation and equipment charges in addition. Other restrictions may apply. Rates effective August 1 2017.
Group 1 - Baxter, Gilman, Kellogg, IowaLocal Calling Area
Business Single Line$42.29
Business Multi-Line$44.99
Group 2 -Melbourne, Rhodes State Center, IowaLocal Calling Area
Business Single Line$49.98
Business Multi-Line$52.68

GENERAL Services and offers not available everywhere. PARTNER may change, cancel, or substitute offers and services, or vary them by service area at its sole discretion without notice. Requires credit approval and deposit may be required. Additional restrictions apply.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS All products and services listed are governed by tariffs, local terms of service, or terms and incorporated here.
TAXES, FEES AND SURCHARGES  Taxes, fees, and surcharges apply, including a FCC Universal Service charge, Subscriber Line surcharge, a one-time, High-Speed Internet activation fee, and state and local fees that vary by area and certain in-state surcharges. Taxes, fees, and surcharges apply based on standard monthly, not promotional, rates. Call 877-433-7701 for a listing of applicable taxes, fees, and surcharges.
PARTNER  LOCAL SERVICE: Applies to 1 residential phone line with direct-dial voice calling and choice of local calling features and choice of PARTNER  long distance service plans, unless the Unlimited Calling plan is selected.
PARTNER  CALLING FEATURES: Select up to 10 calling features for residential home phone. Requires subscription to PARTNER  local service.
PARTNER  VOICEMAIL: Requires subscription to PARTNER  local service.
VOICE SERVICES AND FEATURES (Local And Nationwide Long Distance Calling) The information below applies to voice services and features. To receive long distance plan rates, customers must choose the applicable PARTNER long distance company as your IntraLATA and InterLATA toll carrier.
ALL PARTNER  LONG DISTANCE PLANS exclude commercial use, call center, data and facsimile services (including dial-up internet connections, data services, and facsimile, conference lines, directory and operator assistance, chat lines, pay-per-call, calling card use, or multi-housing units; services in this list are available for additional charges.
INTERNATIONAL CALLING BILLED SEPARATELY AT RATES listed at Website. If you have any questions, please contact PARTNER customer service at 877-433-7701.