SmartLink Automation for Home, Business & Farm!

SmartLink Home, Business & Farm automation and monitoring is a great way to keep tabs on what’s going on at home and on the farm, make your life easier and even save money!

Skitter TV PRIME

Available through your local communications company – the same folks you rely on for exceptional Internet and phone service, right in your community!ll the advanced features to watch TV the way you want.. A price you can afford for a lineup that meets your viewing needs…

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Welcome to Partner Communications

We provide communication and automation services to communities in east-central Iowa. Partner Communications is dedicated to connecting our members to the world, through advanced broadband technology, and providing world class technical support delivering superior customer service, innovation, and quality.

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The Latest News

Partner Communications is launching Skitter TV over its broadband network. Skitter TV is all digital 99% HD programming services that is delivered to your home over our broadband network. Throw that dish away! Rural customer’s outside the city limits in the fiber to the home areas or broadband service areas that qualify, will be able to receive Skitter TV.

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