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Corporate Info

Iowa has a strong tradition of rural independent community based local telephone companies with over 140 companies even today. Partner Communications Cooperative (PARTNER) was incorporated on November 1, 1955, under the name of Kellogg Telephone Cooperative Association. Today, Partner Communications Cooperative ranks 33 out of 144 based on density with 10.92 customers per square mile. Partner ranks 11 out of 144 based on 3,570 total Housing Units. In addition, Partner ranks 415 out of 1,094 nationally based on 3,570 total Housing Units

Partner Pro Tech Services

Partner Pro Tech Services , the cooperative’s technical support team, provides a variety of support and maintenance services including computer support, home networking and wiring services, and home entertainment systems. Partner sells “Technology products”, from computers to advanced high definition televisions, along with SmartLink Home and Farm automation smart products. In addition, PARTNER operates two GigaCenter CoWorker spaces in its office locations in Baxter, and State Center. Since those early beginnings, the cooperative has grown to over 4,600 subscriber connections of broadband high speed (Internet), digital television service (video) and landline voice. The Company’s service territory encompasses over 557 route miles of fiber, copper and coax cable facility. Approximately 44% of the distribution network is fiber optic cable and 46% is copper cable, with the remaining 10% coax cable network.


PARTNER is dedicated to connecting our members to the world, through advanced broadband technology, and providing world class technical support delivering superior customer service, innovation, and quality. We will accomplish this by maintaining our position on the leading edge of technology, capitalizing on opportunities in related business ventures, using the most highly trained, motivated, and efficient professional employee team committed to customer satisfaction through personal challenge and involvement.


PARTNER’S vision is to be the premier provider of broadband service and technical support services in central Iowa. PARTNER is committed to operate with integrity, first-class customer focus, and proactive leadership, to provide quality service that fulfills the needs of our customers.

The cooperative primarily operates in the central Iowa communities of Gilman, Kellogg, Baxter, State Center, Melbourne, and Rhodes, Iowa. PARTNER provides its members with broadband high speed internet access service using the “Partnercom.net” domain, Digital Video services over a traditional fiber coax cable distribution network, along with traditional landline telephone local and long distance service.